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Creature of the Ocean 
In the depths of the ocean, where sunlight barely reaches, resides a magnificent and enchanting creature known as Marisara, the Ocean Enchantress. Marisara embodies the essence of the sea, adorned with the vibrant colors of corals and shells that shimmer and dance in the gentle currents around her. She possesses the elegance of a mermaid and the allure of a mystical being, captivating all who encounter her portrait.


the Glacier Queen

In the heart of the frozen realm, where the towering glaciers stood like guardians of an ancient secret, there resided a queen like no other. She was ethereal, her pale skin shimmering with an otherworldly glow, and her piercing eyes mirrored the icy depths of the glaciers surrounding her. Known only as the "Glacier Queen," she had existed for centuries, bound to the frozen landscape that was both her kingdom and her prison. With every drop of melting ice, the Queen felt an agonizing pang in her heart. Each trickle of water was like a tear, a reminder of the world's changing fate. She had witnessed the glaciers shrink; their once-majestic forms diminished by the relentless warmth of the sun. And as they receded, so did her own strength, for she was intrinsically connected to their survival.
Her subjects, the mystical creatures of ice and snow, were fading away with the glaciers, leaving her feeling lonelier than ever before. The haunting cries of polar bears echoed through the valleys, seeking the stable ice they once called home. The once-thriving colonies of penguins now struggled to find suitable breeding grounds, and the seals found their resting places submerged beneath the rising tides.With every passing day, the Queen's heart grew heavier, burdened by guilt and sorrow. She longed to find a way to halt the relentless thaw, to save her beloved glaciers and the creatures that depended on them. But her powers were waning, her influence over the frozen elements diminishing with the loss of ice.

In her dreams, she saw visions of a world once untouched by human greed, where the glaciers stretched endlessly, and the air was crisp and pure. Yet, the reality of the melting glaciers haunted her waking hours, and the urgency of their plight consumed her.

As she wandered the diminishing glaciers, she felt the weight of responsibility for a world that cared so little for the consequences of its actions. Her isolation deepened as the world beyond the frozen realm continued to ignore the impending catastrophe.
The Queen, torn between her desire to protect her icy kingdom and her yearning for the outside world to wake up to the impending disaster, knew that she must find a way to make her voice heard. With each passing day, she resolved to become more than just a frozen figure trapped in ice; she would become a beacon of hope, a symbol of the consequences of indifference.
And so, the Glacier Queen emerged from her frozen sanctuary, embarking on a quest to raise awareness of the melting glaciers and the suffering of her icy domain. In her presence, people could feel the chill of the endangered glaciers, hear the mournful cries of the creatures affected, and witness the consequences of their actions firsthand.

In her silent struggle against the melting glaciers, the Queen became not only a symbol of the environmental crisis but also a reminder of the importance of empathy, compassion, and collective action. She embodied the delicate balance between humanity and nature, and her story served as a cautionary tale of what could be lost if we do not protect the fragile beauty of our world.


The River Princess,


Devastated by the loss of her once-thriving kingdom due to the dried-up river caused by the natural disaster, retreated to a small dwelling by the now barren riverbed. There, she mourned the loss of her people and the vibrant life that once flourished around the flowing waters.

Every day, she would sit by the parched riverbed, her heart heavy with grief, and cry tears of sorrow. She believed that her tears held the power to revive the river and bring back the life that was lost. Her tears, a symbol of her deep love for her kingdom and its people, fell onto the dry earth with hope and desperation.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but despite her unwavering dedication, the river remained dry. The land around her was arid and barren, and the once-lush forests had turned into desolate wastelands.

As time went on, travelers passing through the region heard tales of the River Princess who wept for her lost kingdom. Many came to see her, offering sympathy and assistance, but she remained committed to her task of bringing back the river with her tears. Some doubted her ability to revive the river, while others saw her dedication as a beautiful testament to her love for her kingdom.

octopus portrait.png

The daughter of the bottom.
In the ancient annals of mythology, there exists a captivating figure known as "the daughter of the bottom." Her origin and existence lie shrouded in mystery, yet her legend is whispered among the elders of coastal communities and seafaring peoples.

According to the ancient tales, she was believed to have been born of the deepest abyss of the ocean floor, a realm unexplored by mortals and inhabited solely by enigmatic creatures. Some say she was birthed from the union of a sea deity and a mortal, while others claim she was created by the mystical forces of the ocean itself, a living embodiment of its unfathomable power.

As the legend goes, the daughter of the bottom possessed a unique bond with the denizens of the deep sea, most notably the elusive octopuses. It is said that she could communicate with these intelligent beings through an unspoken language, a profound connection that allowed her to understand their thoughts and emotions.

In her world beneath the waves, she thrived among the intricate coral formations, vibrant seaweed forests, and dark caverns that only the bravest dare to explore. The ocean's currents were her playground, and she danced effortlessly through the water with the grace of the sea creatures she called her kin.

Her appearance, as described in the tales, was a mesmerizing blend of human and marine features. Her eyes sparkled like luminous pearls, reflecting the depths of the ocean, and her hair cascaded like flowing seaweed, adorned with the iridescent shells of ancient mollusks. A translucent aura seemed to surround her, as if she were an ethereal being touched by the magic of the sea.

The daughter of the bottom was known for her compassion and benevolence towards the marine world, always striving to maintain the delicate balance of nature. In times of turmoil, she was said to emerge from the depths, guiding lost sailors to safety with a gentle touch and calming presence, earning her the reputation of a guardian of the seas.

Yet, like any mythical figure, her existence remains elusive, and whether she was an ephemeral being or merely a metaphor for the ocean's mysteries remains uncertain. But throughout the ages, sailors and storytellers have continued to pass down her tale, keeping alive the legend of the daughter of the bottom, a mythical person whose life was intricately intertwined with the enigmatic octopuses and the vast, wondrous wet world they called home.


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