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 The Ocean 


  The sea world / art installation 

In this future, the submarine serves not only as a vessel of exploration but also as a gateway to a world that continues to amaze and inspire, reminding humanity of the delicate interconnectedness of all life and the need to protect and preserve our precious oceans.

  The  Coral /art installation 

The red coral, resembling a delicate work of nature's art, serves as a frame for the underwater panorama beyond. Its branches intertwine and reach outward, creating a mesmerizing pattern against the surrounding blue hues. 


  The  Coral wall /art installation 

The coral-colored wall serves as the backdrop for a meticulously crafted coral relief sculpture. Rising from the wall's surface, the sculpture mimics the intricate forms and textures of natural coral formations. The artist's skilled hands have brought forth a three-dimensional representation of the underwater world, capturing the essence of coral reefs.

EXIBIT 5 fish.webp

  The  beautiful Whale  /art installation 

This vibrant artwork captures the essence of the whale's grandeur and the urgency of protecting its marine habitat. The massive creature stretches across a massive exhibit space, suspended in an ethereal pose as if gracefully gliding through an imagined sea of swirling currents. The whale's body is adorned with a mesmerizing array of colors that represent the diverse marine life and the fragile ecosystems at stake. Shades of deep blues and greens intertwine, reflecting the vastness of the ocean, while vibrant accents of coral pinks and fiery oranges symbolize the vitality and interconnectedness of marine habitats.


Fish out of water/ Mural 
As visitors stand before the mural, they are transported to a world far beyond the museum walls. The immersive nature of the artwork captivates the senses, evoking a sense of wonder and igniting the imagination. It serves as a testament to the beauty and diversity of marine life, inviting contemplation and raising awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans and their fragile ecosystems.

Siamese fish.webp

Siamese fish/Mural
The fresco artist has masterfully captured the graceful form and vibrant allure of these Siamese fish. Each fish, rendered with meticulous brushstrokes, radiates a unique personality and distinct beauty. Their bodies shimmer with a lustrous sheen, reflecting light in a symphony of iridescent colors.

ocean creatures.webp

Deep Ocean creatures 

In the depths of the sea, a world of wonder unfolds, inhabited by an array of strange and captivating creatures. These denizens of the deep have evolved unique adaptations that make them both bizarre and fascinating to behold. Let us delve into the realm of these extraordinary beings and explore their peculiarities.


Deep Ocean blue Fish /art installation 

The sculptured blue fish, meticulously crafted with precision and artistry, appears to be in a state of elegant motion, frozen in time as it dances through the museum's airspace. Its form captures the essence of fluidity and freedom, with sleek lines and intricate details meticulously carved into the sculpture.

octapus 2.webp

Octopus in the corner 

The octopus, with its mesmerizing form, seems to emanate an aura of intelligence and curiosity. Its eyes, depicted with intricate precision, hold a glimmer of wisdom and intrigue as if reflecting the depths of the ocean it calls home. The subtle play of light and shadow on its sculpted surface enhances its three-dimensional quality, captivating viewers with its presence.


the melting glacier
The interactive exhibit sparks a mix of emotions among visitors, ranging from awe to sadness and a sense of responsibility. It serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for climate action and conservation efforts to mitigate further environmental degradation. As you step away from the melting glacier, you are left with a profound realization of the fragility of nature and the role that each individual must play in preserving the Earth's beauty and biodiversity. The museum's architecture, minimalistic and unobtrusive, allows the focus to remain on the exhibits, creating a space where visitors can immerse themselves fully in the profound messages conveyed by the museum's displays. The melting glacier in the center of the hall becomes a poignant symbol of the urgent need to protect our planet and create a sustainable future for generations to come.


Amidst the technological marvels and interactive exhibits, a lifelike projection of a dolphin emerges from a holographic ocean, dancing with grace and elegance. As visitors watch in awe, they are reminded of the magnificent creatures that once thrived in the wild..
The dolphin's joyful leap symbolizes the carefree nature of the wild, a stark contrast to the constrained existence of animals held in captivity. It evokes emotions of both joy and sadness among the visitors, as they witness the vitality and exuberance of a creature that now only exists as a digital recreation.



The hippocampus is a sculptural representation of a mythical sea creature that once symbolized the strength and vitality of the ocean's life force. However, in this museum, the hippocampus stands as a haunting reminder of the environmental devastation that has befallen the Earth's oceans.

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